DIY Wall Letters for Kids Room

Hi lovely people!

I have been busy these days; spring cleaning, decluttering and going to kids’ parties (yes…it’s THIS time of year). The weather is fabulous and my mind is full of ideas and to-do lists. A few projects have been waiting on my desk and you know how it goes, if I don’t do it soon, it will be forgotten.

One of the projects in waiting is to finish off my daughter’s room decor. A few weeks back, I added a beautiful crochet heart garland on her wall and it looks so good. The next thing is the Wall Letters decor of her name!

letters 3

DIY Wall Letters for Kids Room

This is how I did it:

First, I chose on Word some fonts, wrote her name and changed the letters to a desirable size. I printed them and cut them around carefully.

Then, after drawing the outline on a piece of cardboard, I cut the letters (Greek letters because I am Greek, have I mentioned that before?) with the help of a cutter.

letters 1

cardboard letters and cutter

The next step took a while to complete but it was actually very therapeutic 🙂 I chose different colors of yarn (yes…I am a yarn addict) and then wrapped it around the letters. You might want to use a hot glue gun, to make sure the ends are not getting loose. But make sure you wrap tightly the yarn and don’t leave any gaps. If you do leave gaps, like I did(sorry but I am not perfect) then the best thing is to embellish the letters with small objects, like buttons, beads or even small crochet flowers!!

letters 5

wrap and decorate

letters 2

DIY Wall Letters for Kids Room

Have fun and I am sure a little person will appreciate your effort! Okay, maybe not now… but eventually it will be one of those things they cherish from their childhood! Some wishful thinking won’t hurt, right?

Love to all

Demi x

Iletters 4

And that’s my lovely six-year-old daughter Phaedra 🙂



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