Crochet Spring Wreath

Hello my lovely readers 🙂

Today, I would like to share with you a project I started a month ago; A Crochet Spring Wreath!


I love spring and its colors. Everything is prettier and colorful; more vivid and alive; and it is one of my favorite seasons! I love wreaths and I never  tried to make one. So, I started by looking for a polystyrene ring and I found one at my local bookshop by accident! It was very cheap too 😉

Next, I thought about wrapping yarn around the ring (which you can choose to do) but I had made a scarf that was too short, so I used that. I stitched it around the ring-very ease – and then I started making the flowers and leaves!


You can choose any colors yarn you prefer; and any type of flowers you find easier to make. In my previous post, you can find a very simple way of doing flowers, and its the one I used in this wreath.

To crochet a leaf

ch 12

turn and crochet 1sc

then do 3dc in the next three st

then do 3tr in the next three st

then do 3dc in the next three st

1 sc in the next st

1 slip st

Turn and repeat the same on the other side of the chain

I must tell you that this was my first time making crochet butterflies!! I could not believe how easy they are to make. I watched the video tutorial of my favorite Bella Coco.

What do you think?

wreath 5

After you have many flowers, butterflies or even hearts, it is time to stitch everything on the wreath.Use a yarn needle and the same color yarn as each of the items you will be attaching.

If you are not sure on the design of your wreath, have a look around on Pinterest, Youtube or just Google it. You can get so many ideas, you wouldn’t know which one to do!


Good Luck 🙂

Demi x

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