Granny Square Pincushion

Hello to all my wondeful readers and followers!

Once again, I am sharing with you my latest creation, which is a Granny Square Pincushion!!

It is no secret now that granny sqaures are my addiction! I like to come up with new ideas…although this one, I am sure I have seen it somewhere on Pinterest! But every time I must complete a project however small.

This pincushion is cute and I love it! I’ve been meaning to make one for ages but never got around doing it! So today I  did it and the result is perfect (for me at least)!

The first thing you need to do is crochet two granny squares ( I did 4 rounds). Use any type of yarn and color you like! I used acrylic -it holds its shape better!

pincushion 1

The second thing is to make crochet a flower or heart! Attach it to the middle of one of the granny squares.

To make a crochet flower:

ch 20

6 dc in first stitch

slip stitch in the second one

6 dc in the third stitch

slip stitch in the fourth one …

…carry on until you reach the end of your chain.

When you have completed that, then curl the ‘petals’ to form a flower.  Use a yarn needle to stitch it to the granny square.


As soon as you have the granny squares and your flower or heart ready then it is time to put the picushion together.

two pincushions

Hold the granny squares with pins and sc around the edges. Leave a small gap to add stuffing (like cotton wool or fiberfill). Then, you are ready to seal it. I did a second row of sc around to make it look prettier!

And that’s it! Granny Square Pincushion done…in less than an hour 🙂


Good luck

Demi x







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